do you need franchising, licensing or business growth  advice?

If you are looking for a franchising expert, honest professional opinion and years of experience we can help.

Our extensive expertise includes ;

  • Conducting franchising feasibility studies for businesses considering franchising.
  • The development of franchise systems for SME 's and liaison with lawyers.
  • Developing Master franchising arrangements and conducting Master feasibility studies.
  • In depth knowledge of The Franchising Code of Conduct.
  • Advising potential franchisees in the purchase of franchised businesses.
  • Assisting in relation to franchising related disputes, for both franchisors and franchisees, including representing clients in mediation.
  • Existing franchisor assistance including system reviews, franchisee matters and recruitment.
  • Franchising operations manuals.
  • Franchising conference presentations.
  • Franchising and small business presentations.Clients include Westpac, The Business Enterprise Centre and CBA.
  • How to structure a licence arrangement so it falls outside the Franchising Code of Conduct.




what we do


With 25 years experience franchisingplus have a proven track record in assisting
clients in all areas of

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Carolyn Dufton heads up the team at franchisingplus.
As a former Franchisor and with 25 years of franchising experience...

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If you're thinking about franchising your
business it's crucial to undertake a franchising feasibility study...

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best practice

Do we love franchising? No we don't... because some franchise systems and franchisors are  in our opinion flawed.

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franchise development

We offer a range of resources to assist you in your franchising endeavours including our popular book "The F World; Franchising The Best, The Worst and The Scary"

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proven workable systems

With 25 years of franchising experience
franchisingplus know what works in franchising,
just as importantly know what doesn't work.

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