Best Practice for Franchising

Do we love franchising? No we don't... because some franchise systems and franchisors are  in our opinion flawed. A flawed system often prohibits a franchisee from flourishing and  profiting.

What is a flawed franchise system?

The media is full of flawed franchise stories. Instances where the royalties are so high that a  franchisee cannot supposedly afford to pay their staff the award rates. These systems were  developed without due consideration to best practice. A franchise system should allow the  franchisee to be profitable.

What does best franchising practice mean?

There are many opinions on the definition of best practice. franchisingplus see best practice as firstly;

Observing and following all aspects of the Franchising Code of Conduct to the letter. But then we take things many steps further by analysing the aspects of the franchising  relationship  to  create a  franchise system that serves both franchisor and franchisee. These  aspects will include  communication, reporting, financial incentives and any element that  is considered vital to the longevity of a successful franchise business.

Our systems are created for the long term benefit to franchisor and franchisee.

The whole nature of best practice franchising is to share a great business system with others  to the benefit of all parties.

Whilst the franchising industry is regulated by The ACCC, there are still  some franchising  consultants and franchisors who are not committed to best franchising practice.

Consequently there are franchise systems that are being developed by the franchisor  themselves with no professional advice being sought OR franchising consultants with experience who are not committed to best practice. These systems are often flawed and  result in the franchisor system not allowing franchisee profitablity which is the core and key  element to any flourishing franchise.

franchisingplus are driven to implement best franchising practices into all franchise systems  they develop and the franchisor clients' systems they work with.

If best practice is important to you, we're the franchising consultants for you. Contact us now.

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