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For the first time in a long time I'm excited about franchising...

Posted by Carolyn Dufton on 18 October 2016
For the first time in a long time I'm excited about franchising...

Over the years I've been offered many franchise opportunities and nothing has tempted me until now.

In late 2015 Moo Music UK had appointed me as a consultant to assist them with their Australian expansion plans. What started out as a professional assignment, ended in a love affair. I fell in love with the brand.

I was allowed access into every aspect of the brand; the support, resources and amazing Facebook franchisee support. The more I saw, the more impressed I became.

What really, really impressed me was the fact in only two years 160 franchises had been sold.

The model is low cost entry, low cost fixed monthly fees. Viable at all levels, but fair franchising done well.

So guess what happened? Carolyn Dufton, ex Hire for Baby franchise founder, franchisingplus consultant has just become The Australian Franchisor of our newly branded Maggie Moo Music. I'm actually called Head farmer and we have state farmers and farmers. At my request, our solicitor drafted us a low key user friendly franchise agreement. It's only 12 pages long, but has all the clarity and mutual protection we need.

The Maggie Moo Music franchise has restored my faith in franchising as recently I've been worn down with all the traumatised franchisee clients I've helped. Lovely people trying to do the right thing in their franchise, but working in flawed systems and who ended up losing lots and lots of money. Soul destroying for all involved.

We always talk about trying to create a win win situation in franchising and yet so often the only body I see winning in a big way is the franchisor.

Franchising doesn't have to be a David and Goliath battle. At Maggie Moo Music we've created a fair franchising system which can be replicated by other small businesses if they so choose.

Yes I am still working as a franchising consultant and in all my future franchise development work will be applying my new fair franchising guidelines to all systems I'm developing with my clients.

So now the fun begins. We already have our NSW State farmer on board. Belinda Jackson is a marketing strategist and coach and brings so much knowledge to the Maggie Moo farm. We're looking for farmers and State farmers Australia wide to have fun with our amazing brand.

The great thing is that as a farmer delivering musical sessions you don't have to be musical. Our farmers need to be fun loving, creative and have a love of children. The repertoire of over 125 Moo Music original songs is really all that's needed. All the music has been professionally written and produced in conjunction with early learning specialists and a professional songwriter. The Moo Croo are the lovable characters who were created by the renowned UK illustrator Alan Rogers.

So here I am, some 18 years after being a franchisor and selling Hire for Baby, being drawn back in as a franchisor with Maggie Moo Music. I never thought I'd see the day, but now it's here I'm loving it.

Check out our 'farmer' opportunities and tell your friends.



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