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Franchising - The Best, The Worst and The Scary

Posted by Carolyn Dufton on 18 July 2011
Franchising - The Best, The Worst and The Scary

Why I wrote The F World book

The book has been "in me" for a long long time. Every client I met and every franchising story I heard provided material for the The F World book.

I had reached a point where I was bursting with stories and information to share, and knew that writing a book was the outlet I needed. I had already completed a 3 part CD series for clients (Discover Your Franchising Potential) considering franchising, and this has been really well received.

This time, I wanted to write a book for everyone.

The F World book is a generic franchising commentary and will appeal to anyone wanting to know more about franchising. The book is not a hard sell for franchising. It is a 'warts and all' objective commentary on the franchising world and its common practices. As I say in the book, not everyone is suited to franchising.

As a franchising consultant /coach, I work with Franchisees and Franchisors alike, so I have no bias to any particular sector of the franchising industry. Some of the things I see in franchising I love, whilst other situations I encounter I detest.

Much coverage of franchising is biased. The media can sensationalise a "hard done franchisee story' and a franchisor can spend a large sum of money to obtain great editorial about the wonders of his franchise.

I wanted to write a book that told the truth about franchising.

The F World book has been written in plain everyday language for those looking to learn more about the reality of small business franchising. In particular it will provide insight for potential and existing Franchisees or Franchisors in small to medium franchise networks.

Franchisees and franchisors are asked to review their franchising performance and the book then gives examples of how to be 'the best'.

I sincerely hope that readers will learn from the experiences and mistakes of others as described in this book, particularly in the 'scary' chapter.

You can buy a copy of The F World book here: http://www.franchisingplus.com.au/products.html

Or for US and UK residents visit: www.amazon.com

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