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How to motivate Franchisees

Posted by Carolyn Dufton on 17 February 2011
How to motivate Franchisees

I was recently invited to write a chapter in a book regarding how to keep motivated in business.

It was interesting to reflect and consider this. I came to the conclusion that motivating myself when I was a Franchisor was a very different matter to self- motivation as a franchise consultant.

In franchising it is a more complex matter of not just motivating yourself The Franchisor, but also motivating the franchisees.

Technically, Franchisees should be self motivated business owners.

In an ideal world franchisees take absolute responsibility for their own personal and business development.

However there are always some business owners who need a helping hand.

A Franchisor has much to gain from creating motivated franchisees;

  • Increased income
  • A happy network of franchisees
  • Happy franchises = happy clients
  • Happy franchisees + happy clients = one very happy Franchisor!

So how would you go about motivating franchisees?

Here are some ideas for you to consider;


Nothing motivates a business owner like money. It sounds so simple doesn't it? Yet when I review Franchise systems which I do on a regular basis, I am astonished at the fact that many franchise systems do not allow a franchisee the opportunity to make money.

If you are not 100% confident that your franchisees can make money, or if your franchisees are telling you exactly that and you're ignoring their plight; seek advice now.

Motivate by example

Everyone loves hearing success stories.

Encourage your "star" leading performing franchisees to speak at your group meetings and to share their tips on what works for them.

Be passionate and get excited!

When speaking at conferences and seminars I often get feedback about how passionate I am  about franchising and that I actually trigger excitement in the audience through the infection of my passion.

As a Franchisor you should be passionate about your business.  It should be easy for you to share the passion for your success in the business which will in turn motivate your franchisees.

Franchisees need to believe to achieve.

Accountability and follow through

Why are business coaches so successful in increasing business performance? Because they keep the business accountable.

Have you ever been to a conference where an amazing motivational speaker has made a really big impression on you?
You feel upbeat.

You start making big plans in your head.

.....for at least 24 hours, or less.

Help your franchisees to remain motivated by encouraging them to follow through on the plans they make whilst in a motivated state.

Specifically to write down their thoughts and ideas as they occur and to share them with The Franchisor.  Those thoughts can then be turned into shared goals which you can both work on to make it possible.

Motivate yourself and be consistently positive

Nothing is less motivational than a whingeing Franchisor.

Your franchisees have chosen to adopt your business system and brand and to pay you money for doing so. Don't disappoint them.

Read motivational material every day.

Mix with high achieving business people by networking or master mind groups.

Write down clear goals and review them regularly.

Achievement is motivating in itself

Nothing motivates more than success itself. It's an upward spiral. Work at achieving your best and the best for others and reap the rewards. This is truer than ever in a franchise situation.

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