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Is franchising a business hard? and is it expensive?

Posted by Carolyn Dufton on 14 September 2015
Is it hard to franchise a business?.and is franchising expensive?

Well apparently so according to some franchising consultants and lawyers.

Franchising is a bit like the wedding business mention the word wedding and the price doubles. Mention the  word franchising and depending on who you're talking to you could get a very nasty price shock.

We recently spoke to an overseas client who was looking at franchising his business in Australia.

There are obvious pre franchising additional steps that  we recommend for any overseas company looking to franchise in Australia but nothing that we flagged as being challenging. We would approach the set up and franchising proposition in a step by step process as we always do and charge a reasonable fixed fee. Professional advisers in our team would deal with the specialist areas as required. Nothing perplexing or scary there.

We lost that client to another firm. That's business and although unusual for us not to win a client we always ask for feedback as to why we weren't successful.

Our client told us that he had been advised that the process was extremely complex (read expensive) and that smaller and cheaper firms would not have the skill set to deal with the franchising process.

I of course respected the clients's decision to use the other consultants whilst assuring them that our team were more than capable of handling their account.

I wondered afterwards if our affordable fee was the reason for the client choosing the other consultants? Was the perception that because our fee was affordable that it somehow indicated a lack of quality service delivery?

Our fees are not in my opinion 'cheap', but they do offer an affordable, professional franchising service offer to businesses of all size.

'You get what you pay for' isn't always the case and it certainly isn't the case when it comes to franchising fees.

So when it's time to think about your choice of franchising consultant, look beyond the price.

Our objective and mission statement is 'Making franchising easy'. If a consultant knows their subject inside out , franchising is easy.

If a business tries to do it alone, they're very likely to go badly off track and suffer the consequences of litigation, a failed system and no proof of due diligence in  franchising viability.

Businesses with the right franchising guidance and advice from the experts are in safe hands.

Franchising is only hard when you're trying to 'do it yourself' or are in the hands of franchising consultants and lawyers who are telling you 'it's hard' it is to justify their fees.

The best recommendations are from consultant's clients who tell it like it is.
  • Was it value for money?
  • Were they completely happy with the service?
  • Would they recommend the consultant to others?


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