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Is it difficult to franchise a business?

Posted by Carolyn Dufton on 19 April 2016
Is it difficult to franchise a business?

Have you ever dealt with a professional who tells you how hard it will be for you to execute a certain business task and that you will need help - specifically their help to assist?

Do alarm bells ring? Do you feel fearful? Are you suspicious of the business adviser? or do you leap into business with them through a lack of confidence in your own ability? None of these situations are ideal are they?

I tend to do business in a different way. My aim is to make the whole process of dealing with me and my company easy from the initial contact right through to my client being totally independent of me.

In fact this is one of our positioning statements 'Making franchising easy'.

With franchising being regulated in Australia, it certainly means that expert advice should be sought to avoid contravening The Franchising Code of Conduct. Developing a franchising proposition for any client is a daunting process without the right adviser. However seasoned, experienced franchising professionals should find the franchising process for any business, relatively simple as the right franchising consultant will be dealing with different types of franchising clients every day.

So, to get to the nitty gritty, is franchising;

  • Time consuming? - Yes indeed.
  • Is great detail needed? - Certainly.
  • Should the adviser gain a thorough understanding of every aspect of the client's business? - Yes for sure.
  • Is franchising technically challenging?-  No! Franchising should be the core business of the professional you choose to use in which case for a franchising specialist it should not be a technically challenging process. Surely it's the adviser's expertise that creates a seamless franchise development process?

If you've been told by a franchising consultant that franchising your business is a technically challenging process then this probably means that you are about to spend a GREAT deal of money with that company, and that right from the outset they are building a co-dependent relationship with you. This can mean that the tools and knowledge to operate independently after the franchise is developed, will not be provided.

This is how we at franchisingplus do business;

  • The first step is to ascertain that franchising is viable. Our feasibility studies are thorough, client specific and include all relevant figures and facts to enable our clients to make a considered decision
  • We believe that simplicity is the key. We work to educate our clients in a good humoured environment whilst not baffling with facts and figures.
  • We provide solutions.
  • We support, motivate and encourage.
  • No stone is left unturned in our quest to understand every aspect of your business and your people.
  • We make the entire franchising development process pleasant, inspiring and simple.
  • We are never technically challenged. If we need specialist advice outside the franchising arena we have reliable associates readily available.
  • We teach you to be independent but are always available for support if you need assistance.
  • We truly care about you and your business and want the best for you.
  • We provide an affordable service with payment plans.
  • Our aim is complete client satisfaction.

It's important to work with a franchising consultant you trust and actually like. Client relationships last for years so you don't want to work with someone who you are not aligned with. We feel the same about our clients, we need to like you too.

If you feel any of your advisers franchising or other are making your business processes seem 'technically challenging' you may consider moving to a professional who will make it easy to do business with them.

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