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What's so special about franchising?

Posted by Carolyn Dufton on 2 October 2008
What's so special about franchising?
Franchising, when executed properly, can be the most powerful method of building a business empire. It is a perfect example of the power of leverage. Every franchisee is a self employed person in their own right. Every franchisee, as a small business person, is equally motivated to succeed in their own business within the franchise system. The Franchisor has created a win-win situation! A business that franchises should ideally be driven by a desire and a need to service clients.&n...
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Franchisee Feedback

Posted by Carolyn Dufton on 9 September 2008
Franchisee Feedback
I've posted a blog asking for Franchisor Feedback on the biggest daily challenges they face in Franchising. Being a consultant to both Franchisors and Franchisees I certainly see both sides of the coin. I have become passionate about making sure that only people really suited to franchising, proceed with the process. I have seen so many unhappy franchisees who are in, to put it bluntly, rotten franchise systems, where the only thing the Franchisor cares about is lining their ow...
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