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What help do you need to help you grow your business?

Posted by Carolyn Dufton on 12 April 2016
What help do you need to help you grow your business?

Everyone's heard of coaching. But what sort of coaches are there and what do they do?

Will they help you grow your business?

Many people benefit from having a coach whether it be a;

  • Business Coach
  • Executive Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Performance Coach
  • Sports Coach
  • Workplace Coach

Over many years of running, owning and being involved with different types of businesses I have had coaches along the way. Coaching was particularly beneficial to a business I was involved with and the partner I worked with. We did achieve growth due in part to a change in my partner's mindset thanks to the coaching process.

"In recent years however I have realised that I am now one awful coaching client and one awful business coach. Fortunately I don't promote myself as a business coach."

So why and how is this?

The reason is that I am a results driven business adviser. I deliver tangible outcomes to my clients and make it easy for them to work with me. At the end of a session I don't bombard them with work to do before the next session. I don't believe that this is helpful to a busy entrepreneur.

I don't need advisers telling me what to do but not helping me to do it, so I'm an awful coaching client. If I need help I appoint a consultant to do the work for me - not tell me what to do. I figure that my clients at their stage of business feel the same way.

I will only work with clients who are established in their business and who have been operating profitably. Start ups are best served by the many specialists in that area.

I am not a therapist - I am here to help you grow your business and to work with responsible business owners who are looking to take responsibility, not make excuses.

I am not a coach - I won't tell you what to do and wait for you to do it. I will work with you to make concrete progress in each session we meet or talk.

I will make sure you are not dependent on me. I will provide you with the tools you need to work independently so that you can choose to use me or choose not to use me.

So why is a franchising consultant working with clients that aren't looking to franchise?

I've come to recognise that many business owners want to grow their business, but don't necessarily want to franchise.

My expertise is in recognising and nurturing business potential.

Sometimes this may lead on to franchising, but sometimes for a myriad of reasons franchising is not the best growth path.

By evaluating each business in its own right and identifying its growth potential we can together strategise and implement the best course of action.

So if any of this sounds appealing and you think I could be the sort of no bullxxxx person you could work with, then drop me an email and we can arrange a chat.

My clients are based all over Australia and The UK so distance is no problem.

Email: info@franchisingplus.com.au

P.S I do limit the number of clients I work with personally and am selective, but feel free to get in touch and see if working together could grow your business.

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Carolyn DuftonAuthor: Carolyn Dufton
About: Carolyn Dufton Dip. Bus (Franchising) heads the team as the owner and manager of franchisingplus. Carolyn has a wealth of small business experience, and many years of hands on franchising experience.
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