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Why buy a franchise?

Posted by Carolyn Dufton on 18 October 2016
Why buy a franchise?

It all began when I started a business which I franchised back in the 90's, (Hire for Baby now with around 80 franchises around Australia) then sold it in 1998 to one of my franchisees and had a break from franchising.

Franchising started luring me back due to business associates seeking out my franchising advice and experience.

After completing a diploma in franchising, I combined my practical operational wisdom with a formal qualification and in 2007 franchisingplus was started as a boutique franchising consultancy.

My favourite part of the business is working with clients to develop their business into a fair franchising model. An essential role a franchising adviser plays is in helping potential franchisees evaluate a franchise they are looking at buying. Believe me I've seen some doozies along the way. The sad but rewarding part is helping franchisees who are having problems in their franchise. I've been in some David and Goliath franchising situations negotiating with massive corporations, but my franchising insight gained over many years has enabled me to help my clients to a better place.

So here I am in 2016, still loving working as a franchising consultant but questioning and being troubled by the reality of what is happening in many franchise networks across Australia. Large franchising power brokers running flawed franchise systems where the franchisee is doomed for failure. Not my idea of how franchising should be.

I've been invited to join many businesses over the years, either as a shareholder, director, partner or some sort of stakeholder. I've never had the slightest bit of interest in doing this.

But everything changed when I came across Moo Music UK.

Ant Parker in The UK was a client of mine. I was developing an Australian expansion strategy for him. I was given full access to the inner sanctum of Moo Music and the more I saw the more impressed I became.

I had never come across a franchising model such as this. It broke all the rules, but in the right way. Franchising rules that were usual but really unnecessary had been ignored.  It was a franchise system that allows franchisees to take responsibility and not to be hindered by petty restrictions.

My intuition told me that I had to be part of the Australian / New Zealand expansion and be a stakeholder in this impressive franchise and to be able to put my own stamp on the Antipodean operation.

So in October 2016 Maggie Moo Music was born. We have changed the name slightly to have our own Aussie sense of identity. We're keeping all the moonificent features of the UK brand, with humour being right up there at the forefront!

Back to my original question of why buy a franchise? What exactly were the reasons that had me chomping at the bit to head up Maggie Moo Music in Australian and NZ?

The really impressive aspects of the brand from a best franchising practice perspective  that drew me to the brand were;

  • The extensive support peer network offered through a Facebook Forum of 200 contributors. The franchisee support (or farmers as we call them) is second to none. The sharing, praise and empathy I witnessed in that group was like nothing I'd seen before. Franchising at its best.
  • Low entry and ongoing fees. Whilst our Aussie model has changed a little because of geographic differences offering State support, Maggie Moo Australia offers an initial low franchise fee and a basic monthly fee to cover expenses.
  • A high calibre of exceptional music written and produced specifically for 0 to 5 year olds by professionals. This is a really educational caring brand  and the model is unique in Australia.
  • No musical experience is needed.  The extensive fun session plans and music are enough to mask any flat notes.
  • The fast growth that had been achieved by The UK making it the fastest growing franchise in childrens ' music.
  • The culture of giving, generosity and honesty  of The UK Franchisor Ant Parker and which permeated through the farmers down to the children and clients.

So for me, these are the qualities that drew me to the brand and are some of the qualities that it's wise to check out for if you're looking at buying a franchise in any sector.
In essence;

Brand culture, value, professionalism , point of difference in the marketplace, growth potential, tested market.

Each person looking at buying a franchise will have their own requirements to add to the list but these points are a good start for any franchisee.

So where to from here for me?

Well I've been extremely fortunate to bring Belinda Jackson to the brand as NSW State farmer. Together we're growing our Aussie farmyard.

I'm looking to bring on other State farmers when the right people show themselves, and we're very keen to bring on farmers all over Australia so that we can start rolling out the wonderful moosic to Aussie children.

franchisingplus is still operating and I'm working with a select client base who are a delight as always to develop and grow their businesses. My franchising work will still continue as usual.

By entering back into the world of franchising I've put my money where my mouth is and am relishing the thought of being a Franchisor again.

If you want to know more about Maggie Moo Music check out our website



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