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Why become a Franchising Licence licensee?

If you are a business professional and you lack franchising knowledge you are losing out on potential income from your existing client base.

If your client makes the decision to proceed down the franchising path, they will seek out a franchising professional. Doesn't it make sense to equip your business with that franchising knowledge to enable you to take your client through the franchising process? A lawyer will be engaged so there is no concern for legal ramifications.

That Franchisor client embarks upon a growth strategy that will include you as their franchising adviser in an ongoing capacity.

Businesses often engage business coaches to assist with business strategy, but this coaching is often short lived.

Businesses engage accountants on a more long term basis, but there are many Accountants to choose from unless that accountant is also their franchising adviser.

If you are new to business and wish to launch your new business as a franchising professional, the accreditation licence is  an opportunity to enter the industry with immediate credibility and to have the reassurance of Franchising Licence support staff  in the wings.

A Franchising Licence will enable professionals to;

  • Create a Unique Selling Proposition and set them apart from the crowded marketplace.
  • Gain franchising expertise and acquire and retain franchising clients,
  • Add value to their offering and offer the enormous benefit to the franchising client to stay with the professional that they already have a relationship with.

Franchising Licence -  Is this for you?

Are you excited by the thought of working in the franchising industry as a self employed consultant?

You may be considering undertaking franchising education? If so that's great. Education is vital. Unfortunately education alone is not sufficient as it does not equip you with the system to allow you to launch your career in franchising.

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