The F World Franchising The Best, The Worst and The Scary

In the F World book Carolyn Dufton of franchisingplus reveals once and for all the lies and myths that surround franchising and how to make it truly work for everyone involved. Carolyn's passionate and humorous style takes you on a journey exposing the best, the worst and the scary of franchising. Make no mistake if you're interested in any level of franchising and don't have time for seminars and costly research you must read this book first.

You will discover:   

  • The scary consequences of not getting the right advice.
  • The financial pitfalls and how to avoid them.
  • How to tap into 'the success formulas of franchises that work'.
  • The skills, traits and attitudes of the best in the business.
  • Checklists to cut through the clutter and fast track your franchising experience.

........ and much more.

The F World book is only AU $29.95 including GST & postage in Australia and Worldwide


Discover Your Franchising Potential

In this comprehensive and easy to understand 3 part Franchising audio series, Carolyn Dufton will guide you through the many avenues of Franchising your business. Facilitated by Janet Beckers from The Wonderful Web Group.

This CD series allows you to:

  • Cut through the red tape and "clutter" easily
  • Choose the right franchisees for maximum results
  • Learn how to maximise your financial opportunities

Crammed full of 3 hours of vital 'must have' information for any person even considering franchising their business.


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