"We have contracted Carolyn on many occasions to advise our clients regarding Franchising. As a member of our professional referral scheme Carolyn provides relevant and plain english advice to many small businesses on the Central Coast."
Wayne Gates, Director Small Biz Connect

Julie Atkinson
Realising and making the decision that Franchising is the next step for your business is a daunting and often uncertain time. By Inoutside engaging Carolyn from Franchising Plus to take us through the step by step process was the best thing we did. What stood out for us was that Carolyn was genuinely interested in the framework of our business, the strengths and difficulties that consumed our working life. Carolyn based all her knowledge and expertise about franchising and transferred those skills into the long-term goals for Inoutside.  Carolyn not only offered Franchising direction, support, and advice but also sound business knowledge that has been utilised with positive outcomes. Thank You Carolyn!!
Julie Atkinson, Customer Support | Inoutside

6 September 2017


Central Coast Business Enterprise Centre is proud to say we have worked collaboratively with Franchising Plus for over 7 years now. Carolyn has provided advice, mentoring and education to both Existing and potential Franchisee's under our current BEC Membership program.

Carolyn Dufton is the consummate professional and her commitment to her clients is second to none. Carolyn leaves no stone unturned and will accept nothing less than the best result for her clients.

As part of our collaboration I have also been present at many of Carolyn's Franchising information sessions. Carolyn is a natural presenter she delivers value packed information sessions in Plain English which enables the attendees to clearly understand the important information provided. Central Coast BEC have ourselves engaged Carolyn as a keynote speaker at business workshops and funded programs the comments from the audience are always to the highest standard.

As the manager of Central Coast BEC it is a privilege to provide this testimonial.
Debbie Carroll, Manager/Business Advisor | Central Coast Business Enterprise Centre (CCBEC)


Carolyn is a well-versed business entrepreneur. She has started a number of businesses and grown them into multi-franchised organisations. For this to occur, she has obviously embodied and engaged the necessary attributes required to take a business through its developmental stages.

I have attended a number of talks presented by Carolyn Dufton and can say that she is an engaging speaker and so willing to share with others her knowledge and expertise.

As a result of witnessing her presentations, together with speaking with business owners who have engaged her services, we have engaged Carolyn's team to assist with the growth of our business.

If your company or organisation is requiring someone to speak with or inspire your team members I can highly recommend Carolyn as she is engaging, adaptable to her audience, speaks from experience with confidence and conviction and is committed to others' growth and development.

Catherine McNally, Co-Director | Focus Education

"We were recently considering the idea of purchasing a Franchise and were slightly overwhelmed not only with the legal documentation but the jargon that is used throughout all paperwork and even simply whilst communicating with a large established entity. Carolyn took us through the information step by step, explaining all of the unfamiliarities and relating them to us in a practical sense.

She has a thorough knowledge of everything Franchise related and is highly professional whilst being compassionate and understanding, and never makes you feel like you're asking silly questions. After many discussions and our final meeting I felt I had a clear picture in mind about the business I was investigating and the options I had as a possible Franchisee, and left feeling like I was equipped with the relevant knowledge going forward to make an informed decision. I would highly recommend Carolyn Dufton, Franchising Plus to anyone and everyone."


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